Hello Everyone,

My name is Erkkie Harris-Wells and I am a trichologist here in the city of Costa Mesa Ca, I am asking any and everyone for help in raising money to help two small very poor communities in Citie Soliel in Haiti and a orphanage in Nairobi Kenya.

After making a mission trip to Haiti, I was in tears everyday and mad at this government for not helping the people more than they could, to see children bathing in stagnet drainage water where I saw a pig deficate I was appauled, people that had gone a entire month without water to drink or bathe in was just so unthinkable that I could not get my head wrapped around what I was hearing and seeing.

And in Kenya a bishop and his wife travel along side of some of the most treacherous roads in Nairobi picking up babies that mothers and parents that can't feed them leave them along the roads. This precious couple have taken in 357 children, they do not get help from the government but donations from well wishers, me and my little girls at my church called Brave Hearts raised money for the Orphanage last year but they need serious help now to feed and care for the kids that they have, I give out of my own finances but I still lack so much and would love to give more,these funds are for emergency needs only and this is where I need your help asap, so if you are willing to partner with me in this huge undertaking I will be deeply and sincerely grateful, if I can solicit your prayers that God will open this path up for half the funds to be divided among both places that will be great and if you cannot give that is fine as well all I ask is for your prayers that God may open up my business more to be able to give if this community cannot, this is my heartfelt thanks you all of you in advance, thank you for allowing me to share with you.


Erkkie Harris-Wells

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