London is the home to the first school of trichology, which is the study of hair loss and scalp disorders. Apprentices in trichology study the theory of hair and skin, and the chemistry, biology, anatomy and product formulation for the hair and scalp.

In France and Italy, trichologists are the most advanced in the world in microscopic analysis. Apprentices are taught all of the above theory and education, but it is the hours of training and experience using microscopic analysis that is paramount in identifying the many forms of hair loss. The ability to successfully treat hair loss is dependent on a trichologist's skill in microscopic diagnosis.

However, not all trichologists are trained in microscopic analysis. This cutting-edge technique is the most accurate way to diagnose the cause of hair loss and the means to administer the appropriate treatment. Microscopic analysis takes the guesswork out of treatment and gets to the root of the problem by identifying the actual causes.