Meet Erkkie Harris-Wells

Director or Miyohara International Trichology Clinic Inc.

Erkkie Harris-Wells is a trichologist—someone who diagnoses and treats hair and scalp disorders. The founder and owner of Miyohara International Trichology Clinic Inc. in Costa Mesa, Mrs. Wells has the scientific tools and training to help men and women who are struggling with hair loss. Mrs. Wells has over three decades in the hair loss and beauty industry.
Please view Mrs. Wells new book: "Hyperhidrosis: The #1 Symptom of Hair Loss"

Education and Honors
  • First trichologist accepted into International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Trichology.
  • Consultant, London Hairdresser Training Board, the largest governing body over the entire U.K.
  • Institute of Biosthetics (England and France)
  • Santa Monica City College
  • Graduate of Marinello Beauty College

Director of the Miyohara International Trichology Clinic in London. Has Worked on a referral basis with hair replacement clinics in London, on Harley Street, which is a world-renowned medical facility for hair transplants, doing all of their clients' hair and scalp analyses before and after surgery.
Mrs. Wells is a former Adjunct Member of the ISHRS, the first in the U.S.
Founded Miyohara International Trichology Clinic in Costa Mesa, California in 2000.


As a consultant, Mrs. Wells helps international companies (below) target their hair care markets and does comparative competitor analysis, helping to brand their products for a multi-ethnic group of consumers.
  • Focus 21
  • Loreal
  • Mastey
  • Johnson Products
  • Rene Guinot
  • Thalgo
  • Decleor
  • KMS
  • La Biosthetique
  • Joico
  • Clarins
  • Nexxus 

  • "Hair loss is all too common in both men and women. One of the most common and often overlooked causes of hair loss is hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The factors that can influence hair loss can include exercising so much that you perspire excessively, cancer, menopause, thyroid malfunction and more. In my work as a trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist), I test analyze clients’ hair to identify the source of their hair loss, and then I prescribe a treatment plan. I wrote the book, Hyperhidrosis: The #1 Symptom of Hair Loss, because I want to help as many people as I can to get the help they need in treating their hair loss."