Hyper Lotion
Helps neutralize lactic acid on scalp. This solution helps to neutralize
the harmful secretions from the sweat glands normalizing the
metabolism of the cells and creating a hydrating and
calming effect on the scalp.

Hyper Mask
Helps neutralize lactic acid damage to hair. This mask is for the scalp
as well as the hair, its main function is to combat the itchiness on the
scalp and help seal the flyaway hairs from where the acid has
stripped away the epithelial sheath causing
hair to shed excessively.

Hyper Shampoo
Helps scalp perspiration. This shampoo is created to help neutralize the
lactic acid damaging effects done to hair through
excessive sweating.


Cleansing Lotion

Helps remove impurities from the scalp. This scalp cleaning lotion is
very good for removing product from the scalp like sprays, gels, oils,
or any debris or pollutants that will clog the pores of the scalp clean
and free from impurities to allow hair stimulants to absorb into the
scalp when ready and needed

Scalp Tonic
Helps to hydrate and stimulate scalp and hair growth. This is a scalp
hydrating and hair stimulating lotion, it helps to combat dry and scaly scalps
due to health conditions, diet, medications, poor blood circulation,
chemicals, hair extensions and airborne pollutions that effect the
flora of our scalps.

Sebbio Shampoo
Helps treat seborrhea scalp conditions. This shampoo is formulated to treat
seborrhea conditions along with secretions of DHT, which causes abnormal
hair fall in both male and female.

Femestrocell Shampoo
Helps treat weak, fine, dry, lifeless hair.

Scalp Hydration Gel
Helps in fixing water in the scalp by osmosis.
This is a gel to help pull waterup to the scalp
by way of osmosis. Can be used alone or
customized with essential oils.

Helps to treat various female deficiencies that cause hair loss.
This is something a little extra for females, those who suffer with more
female problems like iron deficiencies, thyroid conditions, endocrine
problems, stress, and hormonal imbalances. This hair stimulant helps
ensure the strength of the hair follicles by reducing the anti-aging effects
that can impede the life span of the hair due to those abnormalities. This
stimulant brings energy to the cells helping to diminish all above
symptoms by helping the hair to return back to its natural healthy
state of growth.

Helps strengthen and stimulate the hair bulbs. This hair stimulant
improves and strengthens the papilla area where all the life begins with
hair growth. It helps to improve the anagen cycle. It improves the metabolism
to help fight diffuse hair loss which also supports the inhibition of the
5 alpha reductase enzyme.

Scalp Oil
Helps to combat tight dry scalps and stimulates hair growth. This is
very fine thing scalp oil for dry thin scaly like skin with sparse hair growth.
It regenerates the scalp and alleviates tightness and irritations caused by
tight skin, this is due to a lack of moisture in epidermic layers.

Sebbio 5-Alpha
Helps block the formation of DHT. This is our hair
stimulant thathelps suppress the formation of DHT. It helps
improve the cellular metabolism in the papilla blocking negative
changes in the hair follicle due to androgenic conditions.

— — — —