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Beat Cancer… Get your hair back!

Finding out that you or someone you love has any form of cancer can be quite troubling. And what is perhaps equally as troubling is knowing that even if you or they managed via chemotherapy (and similar procedures) to beat the life-threatening situation, the after-effects of these procedures would most likely leave a mark – the most common of which is hair loss.

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, may happen as a side effect of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapy. If you or your loved one has cancer and would be undergoing chemotherapy, then there is a possibility that hair loss would happen. This is because during cancer treatments via chemotherapy, the drugs used during the procedure causes damage to the hair follicles, which by extension causes patients to lose scalp hair, pubic hair, eyebrows, arm and leg hair and eyelashes. The good news is that a small percentage of cancer patients might experience thinning instead of hair loss. If a cancer patient would lose their hair, it usually starts within two weeks of the procedure and often gets worse one to two months after the therapy begins.

Until now, losing your hair seemed like an understandable after effect of beating cancer. But that was before the birth of Miyohara International Trichology Clinic, Inc. At Miyohara International, we want to help you beat cancer and get your hair back! Over the years, we have recorded a very high success rate with treating all our patients who have been through chemotherapy and similar procedures and as a result suffered hair loss and scalp lesions. Based in California, USA, Miyohara International Trichology Clinic, Inc. has doctors and nurses with a proper understanding of hair loss due to cancer treatments, working with state-of-the-art equipment capable of carrying out a full diagnosis and subsequently treating the hair loss. And the best part is all our patients are treated with the utmost sense of privacy.

Don’t just beat cancer…get your hair back as well!

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I think that women today are under a great deal more stress than their predecessors of the past three decades.

Women today have taken on multitasking in as well as outside the home,here in America alone 50% households are ran by women with children alone, so being the husband, wife, mother, caretaker of children and elderly parents has placed the health of women on a collision path that is inevitable. The first sign of stress in most women is the loss of hair.

This is the bodies way to let women know that there is something going wrong internally and they need to go to the doctor and get checked out. The reason the hair is one of the first indicators is because your hair cells are the fastest cells in the body and when any other imbalances are happening the hair cells are the first to pick up these signals hence the reason of hair shedding, greasiness, lifeless, dull, sweaty, etc.

Visiting a trichologist for your hair loss issues can also help point you in the right direction if you have any other underlying problems, normally signs of hair loss is indicative to undetected serious health issues like thyroid problems hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disorders along with a plethora of other health issues not mentioned here in this article. My advise to women is first and most slow down and take some time out for yourself your health is of great importance, try to balance your responsibilities so that your body is not so over taxed and when you see signs of hair loss which is more than 80 to 100 strands a day visit a trichologist who specializes in hair loss and if you can’t find one in your area see a dermatologist would be my next person of order for hair loss issues, do not let too much time past before you see one of these specialist, here’s to your healthy hair.